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Derrick Thane

A crypto-actor of the "TH" group (the very first group of its kind), Derrick is part of The Habitat, a depository for minted virtual personas which can be used as characters in games and animations and/or as a social media avatar, with the option to grow into much more as new applications present themselves.

Derrick's card is the collectible artwork which gives its holder access to Derrick's resources: his webpage on The Habitat and, as he advances in his career, description of any past IP he's been involved in, RPG tokens, screenshots, artwork, and any other assets which have been generated during Derrick's career, which may eventually involve rigged 3D models, voice, etc. As machine learning and AI techniques advance and evolve, the opportunities may be limitless.

Derrick, however, will remain unique.

An extra note: Derrick is the very first virtual persona from The Habitat to be minted!


This channel is coming soon!

The following clips were generated using Reface or They were generated for fun only. All film and song copyrights belongs to their respective holders.

Derrick lip-syncs with Wombo!

This time, we used to generate the clip for fun; once again, we see this type of technology someday becoming powerful enough to generate fully original clips, and bringing our actors truly into their own!

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