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places that do not exist

Welcome to the Official Website of the Places That Do Not Exist collection, currently featured on Open Sea NFT marketplace.

Sometimes, home is where the imagination is.

The places in this collection do not exist. They have been created using a GAN (GauGAN 2, as of the creation of the collection). But they are not random either.

Using text and segmentation sketches to "communicate" her vision to the GAN, the artist has generated each of these landscapes with care -- and a whole lot of love. In each, she has tried to capture a unique image representing not only a location, but an emotion she would love (or fear, or everything in-between) to experience herself.

So, travel with her to these places that do not exist, and maybe even claim your favorite one for yourself!

And if you do... you may even unlock another manifestation of it.

Unlocking "Secondary" Landscapes

During her process of generating her vision, the artist cycled through hundreds of versions of the landscape, to ultimately create the one that matched the right atmosphere. Many of these images, while not quite right for what the artist intended, are quite appealing in their own right. So the artist has decided to offer them as secondary versions of the original landscape.

How Does it Work?

The artist will mint as an NFT the original landscape.

When someone purchases the NFT for over a minimum price specified on the marketplace, the new owner of the primary NFT artwork will receive a link to a page on this website where they can pick, out of four options, a secondary landscape that is similar in composition and content to the primary one, but has a different overall atmosphere and style.

The artist will proceed to mint the selected artwork, and will gift the secondary NFT to the primary NFT owner, who will have the option to request a physical print of the secondary NFT artwork, and/or sell the secondary NFT on the marketplace.

Should the first NFT owner sell the primary NFT artwork, the sale will trigger this process once again, thus generating another secondary NFT for the next owner of the primary NFT.

Simply put, for the Places That Do Not Exist collection:

  • If you buy a primary NFT for over a certain price, you also receive a secondary NFT.

  • If you buy a secondary NFT for over a certain price, you also receive its print.

  • Both types of NFTs are resellable.

Please note:

  • The process is not automated: if you want to receive a secondary NFT artwork and/or a physical print, you must visit this website through the link provided during the sale and submit any necessary information.

  • The number of secondary NFT artworks per primary NFT artwork is limited to 128.

  • A secondary NFT sale will NOT trigger the generation of a tertiary NFT artwork. However, if the artwork is sold over a minimum price set on the marketplace, the new owner of the secondary NFT artwork will be able to request a physical print of the artwork.

  • Physical prints will be numbered ([1-128] out of 128) and signed. Another number will appear on the print, which will indicate the number of the sale of the individual secondary NFT artwork; the person who triggered its generation will always have this number as "1," and the next owner of the secondary NFT will have this number as "2," etc., even if a previous owner chose not to request a physical copy of the artwork or purchased the artwork for less than the minimum amount specified on the marketplace and thus was unable to request a physical print.

  • The secondary NFT owner can request the physical print to be personalized.

  • A physical print of the primary NFT artwork will not be made available through NFT sales. (The artist may in the future, at her own discretion, offer for sale to the general public prints as limited runs)

Places That Do Not Exist

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